What does 'Raving' mean in 2018?

Ahead of 10 Years of THEM this month, we asked Kalli to tell us what is happening in dance music in 2018
What the hell is happening to make raving a better activity?
The case so far:
by Kalli
There shalt be no instagram filter that can cover the hot, misshaped sexy mess that we’re in right now. If you're just learning how to rave, the next step to success is to halt your study for one unforgiving second!!!!!

Now take a wondrous step back. How can we improve the state of rave? Maybe listen to your elders - ya know - them ones who were about back in the day chewing on a Dove bar of soap and riding a Mitsubishi into their ford escort dance routine. Now, take a step forward into the future of the past. For want of more need. 
Right now, there is a group of people wearing black trench coats made of european non-microwaveable fur and sporting recyclable backpacks sipping on speed and Rennie Soft Chews, just dancing their way to the zoo. The zoo (as we know it) is a place for glancing at primitive animals and indigenous insects, but here the bystander, or visitor-from-a-distant-mindstate, is a participant in the wild. “We don't want no outsiders thank you v much.” <<<There’s the bloody flaw. 

Exclusive inexclusivity?? What have we been learning? That lad with the tie on. He’s into EBM. He’s into microfunk. He’s knee-deep into jaundice-IDM-tekno. Last week, he walked into a rave bar and it hit him hard in his feelings. Everyone stared. Leave him be, i say.  See her over there with the yellow trench coat and vegan sneakers, and everyone judging a human book by her cover and laughing at her, videoing her on their instagram stories? She just ate a banana frube. In modern rave-speak thats a whole bag of citrus flavoured ecstasy with built in microchips that provide information to a secret organisation that actually tell them where she’s dancing in the club. Studies involving heat detectors are letting rave scientists know where the sexiest part of the disco dance floor is. Where is the most gorgeous spot to finger the air illustriously? A mean, that is the hot topic when your fave DJs like Splendid Jonas, Gertrude or Indie Pogostack are playing hoofy bangers. Anyway, no more of that digression session (the whole scene is digressing anyway) - the point of the matter is, before we judge dredd someone, people are actually deeper than we think - they're blackholes. Big veiny ones just sucking up shit and laughing about it. And they may be even more RAVE-y than us. Fuckin a.
Heard On The RAVE-Vine
Another thing heard booming from the hedonistic grapevine council is that all unsuccessful DJ’s must be held accountable for not paying for Facebook promotions. £12 hundred Million Pounds have been pumped and ingested into the non physical world of raving. And we’re not being thankful. Imagine if the Catholic Church could help raves out? They don't do much Facebook promotion however, but at least every last fallopian follower of THAT religion (thats right, raving is a religion….) is thankful to their lord. Returning to the unsuccessful DJ thing; you need to pay to get in too, sister and bruvva!!!!
Theres also  talks of installing cheese graters in the entrances of hotspots for raves. Grate the cheese away. The idea here is that the cheesiness must be removed before we enter raves. We’re not talking about cheese in hygiene terms. Only the lord of rave knows why these graters must be implemented. Lord Sugar doesn't know. Lord Salt might, and she’s worth that salt for deffo. Whole 2 g’s worth, my paddawan dancer.
Final words from a distant relative…..
Glowsticks. Sticky glows. Everything has an inverted meaning that means something deep, kinda like deep house but not. Not at all. Loose clothes = loose change??! No dirty clothes either - OR CLEAN ONES.

The ultimate aim is bliss confusion. 
PLUR. Please Love Underestimated Raving?? Put Love Under Rave.